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GCSE Results

Pupils from Quinton House School celebrated excellent GCSE results in 2017, including impressive Maths results with 7.5% of pupils achieving the new top grade 9, compared to the national average of 3.5%. 9% of pupils achieved a top grade 9 result in English or Maths, 57% achieved a grade 7 or above in English and Maths, 79% achieved a “strong pass” at grade 5+ and 93% achieved a “standard pass” at the new grade 4+.

Once again, Quinton House School pupils have outperformed the national average of 67.4% A*-C grades, achieving 83.9% A*-C grades in all subjects excluding Maths and English.

Ella Milner particularly excelled, gaining 6 A*s, 1 A, as well as a grade 7 in English Literature, grade 8 in English Language and grade 9 in Maths. Ella achieved an impressive maximum points in Chemistry and Physics. In addition she achieved a grade A in Additional Maths, equivalent to an AS Level. We’re delighted to welcome Ella back into Sixth Form as a scholar in September to study Maths, Psychology, French and Photography at A level.

Other pupils celebrating an impressive suite of results today were Holly Winterburn, Luke Hiorns-Boddington, Isabel Heath, Elizabeth Slater and Tom Hughes. Both Holly and Tom’s achievements are all the more impressive considering their sport training commitments, Holly being an England basketball player and Tom competing at elite level in the triathlon.

The 2017 GCSE results build on the excellent results seen in previous years. This year, just under a third of unreformed subject grades were at A*-A, compared to the national average of 22.1%. Including Maths and English, over a third of all subject grades were at A*-A or equivalent.

Our 2017 GCSE Highlights


A*-C Grades in Unreformed Subjects (vs. 67.4% National Average)


7.5% Top Grade 9 Maths Results (vs. 3.5% National Average)


A/A* Grades in Unreformed Subjects (vs. 22.1% National Average)


Attainment 8 (vs. 46.3% National Average)


Grade 5+ in English & Maths (vs. 39.6% National Average)

A Level Results

Quinton House School has a small Sixth Form catering for both international students and those wishing to continue their education at the school beyond Year 11.

In 2017 there were six students taking their A Level examinations, two of whom were international students. All students followed a programme of study designed to meet their individual needs. All achieved outcomes that enabled them to continue their studies into further education in both the UK and overseas.

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