Welcome to Quinton House School

Welcome to Quinton House School

Quinton is a beautiful school both inside and out, it has an old soul but refuses to stand still. The school has a clear purpose which is to house, protect, nurture, and inspire children. Our aim for all our students is to allow them to develop and prepare for their next step into the world with confidence, tolerance, resilience, and courage.

At Quinton we approach our studies and co-curricular life without fear and embracing challenge. The way we do this is by ensuring the pastoral care that wraps around all our students is first class and trusted by our children. That coupled with an innovative curriculum that expands out further than steppingstones to examinations.

The curriculum at Quinton is designed to stimulate and inspire our children to think and speak confidently making them hungry for more. We promote project work, research, healthy debate and innovation with a healthy reflection on how our decisions can affect others allowing our students to challenge adversity and complacency.

We want our children to thrive not survive their schooling and we believe our healthy and balanced co-curricular programme and pastoral care are at the centre of maintaining the wellbeing of our children.

The co-curricular programme spans across many genres and that is what we strive for. This allows our students to have choice and balance in their school lives. The activities we offer aren’t always simply for our students to be participants, we work hard to promote leadership and ambassadorial clubs that then get to work across the school as our students positively affect the lives of both their peers, staff and community.

Quinton is underpinned by our values and desire to make our children happy, confident, and successful. The children are always at the heart of what we do and they inspire us as individuals to work harder. The school is a wonderful place to study, and I do hope you wish to find out more.

Please do get in touch with us – we are here to support you in making the right decision for your child’s future.


Thomas Muskin


01604 752050