A Quacking Week At Quinton

What time do ducks wake up? Answer: At the quack of dawn.

The arrival of Donald, Daisy, Daphne, Darren and Dotty caused quite a stir this week! The interest and enthusiasm in which the children have welcomed the arrival our five little ducklings has been simply wonderful to experience.

The educational lessons derived from having our five eggs in an incubator, actually observing them hatch, and then learning to look after them, has made this a memorable week in the Junior School.

I do hope that this all makes our Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday 30th March at 10am an attractive proposition for a family visit with many exciting activities, including a visit from the Ark Farm.

Making a presentation in public is considered an important, though often frightening skill. Our Year 3 children held no fears as they entertained us with their boom whackers and a fashion show to display their new designer footwear. All contributed to an insightful assembly on Northamptonshire.

Developing a link with the Cynthia Spencer Hospice is also an excellent proposition for the school and I am delighted that we will be supporting them at our Easter event. Last week’s Cake Sale raised funds for this most worthy of local causes and we look forward to continuing our support of their work in the future. Providing opportunities for our young people to develop their leadership skills is a key focus for development.

This week our Careers and Business Lunch welcomed Paul Beesley from Beyond Theory who spoke at to a packed ballroom of students wanting to learn more about leadership, management and the future of work.

Developing life skills involves a wide range of activities and experiences. This week highlighted the variety of opportunities presented to students each week at Quinton House School that will broaden their horizons and better equip them for the future.

Why will our ducks never grow up? Answer: Because they grow down.

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