Back to School with a Bang!!

Back to school with a bang!!

The bleak, dreary British weather did not dampen the mood and spirits of everyone who supported the spectacular ‘Bonfire’ night at Quinton. The firework display was incredible and I am told that the height of the bonfire was the biggest since records began!

Half term finished with the Q6s dusting off their broom sticks and travelling to the amazing Harry Potter World in London. As we have many enthusiasts of JK Rowling’s wondrous work this was a fantastic opportunity for them to see how much effort goes into bringing these characters and stories to life. The intricate details amazed us all.

The courtyard was transformed into a spooky dragon’s lair to host our lower school Halloween fancy dress party on Friday 20 October. It was a fabulous afternoon with a great sense of excitement. Richard and his team of catering staff did a quite superb job with the ‘freaky food’ that was on offer. Thank you!

During the half term break whilst the majority of children were recharging their batteries, there was no such pleasure for our Q5 and Q6 boys as they participated in the ISA rugby festivals. Both teams performed exceptionally well, portraying fantastic team spirit.

This week Reception have been celebrating being kind friends during Anti-Bullying week.   They received a letter from Flash the superhero asking them to help and look after people. Children have enjoyed making superhero masks and capes and helping Flash to complete different missions.  The nursery children treated me to a quite exquisite cake, created by them and with a firework theme. It was delicious and was a welcome surprise! Thank you, children.

Lastly, special recognition must go to Charlie J in Q4 who recited two poems at the prestigious Westminster Abbey in front of a huge congregation. He performed with vigour and confidence, projecting his voice and articulating his message superbly well. Well done, Charlie.

Thought of the fortnight: “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.”

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