“Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion”

Parent lunch feedback

‘Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion’.


This week, I had the enjoyable task of listening to the persuasive writing presentations of our Year 6 students on the choices to be made in punishing Buckbeak, in a Harry Potter inspired writing task. This work will offer excellent preparation for the children as they visit Harry Potter World after half-term.

Our inaugural House Go-Karting Competition also proved to be an extremely exciting and enjoyable event. Whilst special congratulations should go to Hayden Coles for producing the fastest lap time and scoring maximum points, more than fifty potential future grand prix racers should be praised on their efforts behind the wheel.

The visit of a French Theatre Company on Thursday provided entertaining characters for the Senior School audience, whilst the Parent’s Evening for Year 11 perhaps provided some with a less entertaining focus for the half-term holiday and the approaching exams.

The characteristics of life in Ancient Greece were the focus for Year 5 as they adorned their costumes and experienced life in 500BC. This included sampling foods from the period, with the dining room again providing a focus for some of the week’s activities.

The Parents’ Lunch on Monday and a special Valentine’s Day menu on Thursday both proved popular and we are again grateful to those members of the parent body who attend and support our events; providing a much needed parent voice on such important issues.

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