Headmaster’s Weekly Update

11th January 2019

“There is no beginning or end to your dreams and plans. Life is a journey from moment to moment”

Our Sixth Form Colleges Evening provided a timely reminder this week that we are all on a life journey. It was wonderful to meet so many of last year’s Year 11 cohort who have moved on from QHS and returned as ambassadors for their new places of education to talk about their experiences and studies in a wide variety of different places and range of educational courses. In their demeanour and message, they were also excellent ambassadors for Quinton House School as all spoke affectionately and fondly about their time with us. I am pleased that we will soon be launching a former students event to allow students to return to school and to socialise with former teachers and peers.
Whilst Year 10 students and parents could meet with representatives from more than twenty sixth form providers on Thursday, our current Sixth Form students and Year 11 students are also contemplating their next journey in life and the focus on their grades for A Levels and GCSE exams as they take their mocks. We wish all of them every success in their exams, whilst being mindful that an education is so much more than exam grades.
An appreciation of the creative arts is certainly a valuable life skill and more than sixty students enjoyed theatre visits to London this week to see The Woman in Black or School of Rock. I do hope that the excitement and pleasure derived from visiting live theatre will encourage our students with performance skills to play their part in our auditions for the senior school production, Sister Act.
Our clubs and activities programme has been extended this term and I have personally had great fun at basketball club, girls’ football club and photography club. There are certainly many exciting opportunities and I would hope that all students would look carefully in the school calendar to identify activities that will suit their interests and talents.
Many of our Year 6 pupils are also actively contemplating life outside of the Junior School and we offer our very best wishes to all of those taking our scholarship examinations, auditions and interviews next week. You will discover that there are many new and exciting experiences ahead in the Senior School.

“ Life is a long journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to be enjoyed”

Tim Hoyle



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