Positive Results from Voice of the Parent Survey

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who
have not found the right book”.

The Voice of the Parent Survey has now been completed. The survey received a response from 65.1% of parents. The Net Promoter Score for the school has increased from 15.4 to 33.93 and we now have 50.9% of parents scoring the school a 9 or 10 out of 10 as opposed to 34.9% last year.

Whilst pleased that the trend from the survey is clearly positive, we remain determined to continue our work to further enhance the provision within the school for the benefit of all stakeholders. The comments from parents have all been collated and these have contributed to our new School Development Plan.

In sharing the data from the Voice of the Parent, the average scores out of 10 for the four key areas of focus were as follows: Teaching & Learning 8.1; Operations 8.1; Communications 8.4; Leadership & Culture 8.7.

The next Parent Forum is scheduled to take place on Thursday 14th March at 6pm in the Head’s Study. All parents are welcome and we request that you inform Mrs Tipler, Head’s PA if you would like to attend. The new School Development Plan will be circulated to all parents following this meeting.

The immediate focus within the school is the continuing support for our students taking public examinations this summer whilst planning for DEAR Week in which we will all be challenged to Drop Everything and Read. Reading is certainly extremely important for educational development and we invite parents to join us next week in supporting our campaign at home.

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