Time Flies When you are Having Fun!

As we finish the first half term of this academic year there is lots to reflect upon already. Q2 were transported back to 1666 to experience what it would have been like to live during this historic event. Kate Cunningham, author of Vlad and The Great Fire of London, came in to lead some inspiring and very engaging activities.

Many of you joined our Lower school children during a literacy ‘stay and learn’ lesson and the common feedback was very positive. So many of you commented on how different education and learning has become, where fun and enjoyment are now paramount in what we aim to deliver. Gone are the days where you were sat in rows, had a text book as your only learning resource and were punished for even breathing out of turn.

The Tea Time concert was a huge success and it was wonderful to see the children perform ex-ceptionally well and have that opportunity to showcase what they have been working on. What amazed me was that all performers played with such enjoyment and passion and the collective sigh of relief from parents at the end of each performance was apparent.

Q5MH had a great trip to the Space Centre. The children wondered at the stars in the Planetari-um, climbed to the top of the rocket tower and learned how astronauts train, live and stay safe in space. And they even got back to school on time! A good time was had by all.

Half term is an ideal opportunity for your child to replenish supplies of equipment for school. We would be most grateful if you could please check pencil cases and school bags to ensure your child has a complete set of equipment. It is essential that all belongings are named so we can re-turn mislaid items to their rightful owners. On return from half term winter uniform is compulsory for all pupils. Further details can be viewed on our website under the parent area.

Could we ask that you are mindful and respect the speed restrictions on the school site to ensure the safety of our children.

I would like to thank all the pupils, staff and parents for all the support and commitment in making this half term a very enjoyable one and hope you all have a restful break. Working as a team is vital in the success and growth of the school.

Thought of the fortnight: “Team work makes the dream work.”

Mr Capuano – Head of the Junior School

01604 752050