Update from the Juniors

Life at Quinton is extremely busy and there is always a plethora of activities for the children to get involved in. Here are some of the highlights from the last fortnight:

Q2 had a magical day at the Butterfly Farm in Stratford where Miss Howard learned that she actually has a phobia of butterflies – not sure she will be going back there in a hurry. Jack Derbyshire and Frances Brough were treated to a pizza and ice cream with Mr Tim Hoyle. You learn quickly in our profession that bribery is key to a happy and successful school!

The ‘Back to School’ evening was a success and it was so nice to see so many parents there from across the school. During Mr Hoyle’s assembly the staff quickly realised that their lesson plans needed to be altered slightly after seeing the calibre of pupil we would be teaching.

Reception pupils have been celebrating World Space Week. Children read the story ‘Whatever Next’ and shared what they would take on a trip to the moon with ideas including blankets, food and even nail polish! In Topic lessons children have been learning about the planets and then using their phonics to write simple sentences about them. They have concluded the week by creating their own planets to make a class Planetarium. The Q1s put their walking shoes on with a clipboard in hand and went in search of a variety of different buildings in the Upton area. I think they found everything on their list apart from a caravan, but the camper van they saw had to do.

The sporting calendar is in full flow and pupils from across the school have represented Quinton in the sporting domain. Some highlights have to be the Girls’ Q5 and 6 Hockey teams travelling to Beachborough and competing well against a very well-drilled Prep school. The year 3s had their first rugby fixture against The Grove. It was an extremely entertaining game with a number of well worked tries scored by both teams. Kayden Dixon must get a special mention as he qualified for the next round of a gymnastics competition which might even see him compete as part of the GB team. We wish him all the very best for this!

The children were overly excited about the House bowling event and I’m not sure if it was the bowling or the fact that we were actually walking that excited them more. One boy said, “I can’t believe the teachers are letting us walk.” Sometimes the small things are the best ones. It was thoroughly successful and it even unearthed some talented and highly skilled bowlers. Maybe Mr Muskin might consider this as an addition to the PE curriculum?

The last highlight of the fortnight has to be the Harvest festival. The Q6 pupils sang beautifully, and performed with exceptional confidence. Can we thank all of you who donated food items, as I’m sure the Northampton Hope Centre will appreciate your generosity.

Lastly, Can I make everyone aware that from 15 October the old pound coins will no longer be legal tender and we will not be able to accept them as a method of payment from Monday 9 October.

Thought of the fortnight is –

“The wise man does not lay up on his treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.”

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