Voice of Quinton House Alumni – Gavin Nullatamby

Gavin Nullatamby Quinton House Alumnus

Hear from Gavin Nullatamby, who was a Quinton House Student from 1988-1997

We’ve recently been catching up with some of our alumni from across the years and discussing with them their time at Quinton House School and how it prepared them for their life beyond. The first in this series is with Gavin Nullatamby.

Gavin lives and works in Northampton, and joined us at Quinton House in 1988 when he was 10 years old and left us in 1997 after finishing Sixth Form.

Alongside his day job at Barclaycard he does extensive work with Princes Trust, working with young people looking to develop and progress professionally, including: careers guidance, CV and interview skills and also mentoring to raise awareness of navigating life after education.


What subjects did you most enjoy?

I enjoyed nearly all of my subjects in some way – I studied Mathematics, Science, French, English, History, Physical Education and Art and I really found value in each of them. As you can see, compared to today the curriculum was a little simpler when I attended!

While I enjoyed my lessons, I wasn’t personally a particularly high achiever academically; I got fairly good GCSE results and went on to do A-Levels in English, History and Science but the real value – for me – of my time at Quinton came from what I learned alongside my studies.

What did you find of most value during your time here?

Quinton really prepares you for future life, it teaches you how to be a fully rounded person. Simple things like punctuality, being presentable, an awareness of your surroundings and a real appreciation for opportunity.

Also, Quinton taught me essential things for life beyond school, like manners and time-planning. It helped me to develop communication skills and essentially my time there showed me how to treat others with respect no matter who they are. These values have been at the core of my personal and professional development for over 20 years.

While I was there I was encouraged to engage with the wider community, not just my peers and teachers within the school. With school trips and co-curricular activities we learned how to act in public, how to respect our surroundings and how to be part of a community. This in particular helped me in the early years of my career.

Taking what I learned from my opportunity to study at Quinton House really gave me a start in life that I appreciate; it was a great privilege to study there.

What career did you go into?

Like many school leavers I initially did a few temporary jobs and was often complimented on my ability to deal with people at various levels with equal comfort, attention, respect and professionalism – looking back I can see that this was taught to me during my school time.

My career with Barclaycard started around 20 years ago when I began temping in the fraud department, though this soon became full time and I moved to the Sales team where I had various progressive roles over a decade.

My career has given me lots of opportunity for travelling and representing the world-renowned Barclaycard brand. In my current role as EU Proposition Gateway Specialist I look after some of their largest clients which is very complex but also very challenging. It’s a lot of work but I always look back to the core skills which my time at Quinton House taught me – they’ve helped me immeasurably through my adult life.

What advice would you give to anyone attending Quinton House?

The environment that you’re in is really special; take time to appreciate it! When you leave school you will discover that many people did not have the opportunity that you’ve had and appreciating that is key. It will help you in the future when you realise what a great start Quinton gave you.

Also, make sure that you take time to appreciate the close-knit community that you are in. I still speak with people that I knew from my time at Quinton and we still talk about how much we loved our time there.

Ultimately, make sure that you remember the standards that Quinton teaches you. It will help you for years to come: how Quinton teaches you to treat yourself and other people is invaluable no matter what you do when you leave.

Thank you, Gavin.


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