What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s award?

The Duke of Edinburgh award is for anyone aged between 14 and 24 and is designed to be a challenging and fun adventure. There are three levels that can be achieved – bronze, silver and gold. Participants need to complete a personal programme of activities in four sections, with an additional fifth section to complete the gold award. The four sections consist of volunteering, physical, skills, expedition and for Gold, a residential.


At Quinton House School, students aged 14 to 16 can take part in the scheme. Mr Clarke is our dedicated Duke of Edinburgh’s award leader and organises all of the activities for our school.


The award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities in and outside of school.


The educational advantages

Each of the different areas of the award encourages practice of skills which help students throughout the rest of their academic studies. Students will need to learn to work together, practice time management skills and organisational skills as well as more practical skills like map reading and fire building.


Volunteering benefits – This teaches students about the importance of giving up their own time to contribute to the wider community.


Physical development – Some of the activities that the students participate in require them to develop their physical skills in order to succeed, such as endurance in a trek or strength in rock climbing.


Learn and enhance skills – From playing a musical instrument to arts, crafts and languages there is a wide range of activities to choose from in order to complete this part of the programme. Students will have the chance to enhance existing skills or learn and develop completely new ones.


Teamwork through expeditions – In order to succeed in the final expedition students have to work together as a team, a life skill which is of great benefit for their future.


Quinton House D of E

Pupils can sign up to D of E at the beginning of every term. Expeditions take place between March and August each year.  We promote learning outdoors starting from the nursery years and encourage participation in the D of E award as a way for students to continue to spend time outside and learning about our environment.  Find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh award here.


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