A message from Mrs Storey, Principal

First Week Back - by Bodie

This week many of our children have been reflecting on their first week back at school. I am sharing an extract from Bodie’s reflection on his first week back. There is a message for us all.

Monday 1st June – Back to School 

Ten weeks ago schools closed their doors and we began virtual learning. Thirty three school days later and today is the day when Quinton will reopen its doors to Nursery, Reception, Q1 and Q6. As I woke this morning and got dressed into my own clothes, I had mixed feelings. Part of me was excited, today I would see my friends and teachers again but on the other hand, nerves bubbled in tummy. This was the unknown. What would school life be like? Virtual learning has been very good and it had become normal. Would it be difficult to adjust?

Arriving just before 8, we were greeted by Mrs Storey who directed us down the driveway. Waiting in the queue, the familiar building of school came into view. My first sight of it for ten weeks, for an instant it felt as if we had never been away.  We waited for Mr Muskin to radio Otto and I in. As our turn came, we got out of the car and walked across the playground. Mrs Saghri welcomed us and then directed us to our entrance. Before I entered, Mrs Drew sanitised my lunch box.

As I pulled the door to enter, that comfortable Quinton smell calmed by body. I was back. Walking to the classroom it felt like a much longer distance that previously…maybe because I was taking in all in and my brain was whirling with emotions.

By 9 O’clock, eight people had arrived. Our, ‘bubble’. Our, ‘blue bubble’. Sitting at my desk I explored my folder that contained, a pencil, a blue bubble badge, hand sanitiser, colouring pencils, eraser and a tennis ball. A tennis ball…perfect! Lessons started…we were back!

This morning whizzed by and by break time we were please to get out to the paddock. Our bubble was allocated a space in the divided paddock. All too soon, we were back in the classroom and ready for Science. Lunchtime came and we ate in the classroom, it was good to catch up and have a chat with friends. After food, it was paddock time again and football. We improvised…two meters apart and with a tennis ball.

The bell. End of break. We were back to our classroom for English and PSHE. At the end of the day, a radio mic called to notify when our parents had arrived to collect us. Walking out of the classroom and into the car felt strangely regular again. Day one was done.

Driving home I reflected on my first day back.  School at a distance, is different but it is good to be back.


Tuesday 2nd June

Getting up this morning, I felt much more comfortable. I knew who was in my bubble and what do expect during the day. After eating breakfast and brushing my teeth, Otto and I got into the car. Day two loomed.

It is amazing how quickly something different feels like routine. It did not feel strange to wait have my lunch box sanitised or to enter school through a different entrance. It is different but it is still Quinton.

The morning began with Joe Wicks, its always good to get in a few burpees before learning. Drama was next and technology meant that it took a while to get onto the call but it soon got sorted. Playtime came and went. Mr Brough took us for computing and then Miss Cheney was online for maths.

As we are now experts at tennis football, we started a game quickly and without hesitation. However, the heat got the better of us and we had to retreat to the shade. The afternoon consisted of English and Geography. Day 2 is complete.


Wednesday 3rd June

Going to school in our own clothes, having our lunch boxes sanitised and sitting apart from others has seemed surprisingly ordinary today. Its amazing how quickly things become routine. I wonder how long this will be our everyday routine?

The new, ‘thing’ for today was social distance PE. It was raining and so the only option was indoors. Mr Clarke and Miss Power came into our classroom. To begin with, we did a fitness test, after that yoga and then ball skills. To end the lesson, we created our own workouts. It is amazing what you can fit into a small space!


Thursday 4th June

Arriving at school, the first lesson was PE…another opportunity to see what can be fitted into a small space. Q6Q had a boys versus girls dance competition and surprisingly the boys won! English, Maths and Outdoor learning took us up to lunchtime. As usual we ate lunch in the classroom and then went outside. After lunch we had Science and Mr Whitby was in school. Face to face teaching is a wonderful change after so much screen teaching. Don’t get me wrong, Teams has been amazing, and we are very thankful to the teachers for all they have done but to have live learning is refreshing.

We finished off the day with RE and thinking about leaders around the world. There are many people who have stepped up and become leaders during this time, it is true that leadership comes in many forms.

Tonight, I feel tired and so I am going to sign off. See you in the morning for Friday, the last day of our first week.


Friday 5th June

Waking up, I had that Friday feeling. A week of new discoveries had been great but also tiring. The day started with English, then maths which took us to break. After break it was critical thinking, more maths and then lunch. As it was Friday it was Sports Ambassadors and so Luke and I stayed in the classroom to join the call. Its been great that clubs have continued during this time.

After lunch it was French and Music. We were used to these lessons being online and so the rest of the day sped by. The radio mic started buzzing to indicate that parents were arriving to pick us up. I was off to Tennis tonight and was looking forward to a good game.

Lying in bed, I am reflecting on my first week back. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I enjoyed remote learning and the different challenges it brought and so part of me wondered what this week would be like. A massive positive this week has been seeing my friends and teachers again. There is also comfort and safety in familiarity and being inside Quinton walls has been refreshing. We do not know what tomorrow will bring and, ‘new normals’ ARE, ‘the normal’. This week I have been thankful to be inside a school building and be amongst people in my bubble. Life has changed, made us focus and be thankful for things that we used to take for granted.

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