Former Pupil Michelle York Gives Careers Talk

Michelle York gives careers talk at QHS

Former pupil, Michelle York, and her business partner, Andy Dent, gave a careers talk to Year 9 to 13 pupils today, sharing their experiences of how they set up their own IT Company, Innovit.

Pupils heard how Michelle and Andy broke into the sector and worked their way up before setting up their own business. They shared what they love about the fast-moving sector of IT and the opportunities they’ve had to travel with their work.

Pupils had some very interesting questions, including the possible impact of the UK leaving the EU on their business and how to set up a business from scratch.

Michelle joined Quinton House at the age of 8 years and stayed through to GCSEs. She recalls many teachers that had a massive impact on her school life and retains many very fond memories of the School. Today she reunited and reminisced with Mr Pape who taught her in the 1990s.

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