Headmaster’s Weekly Newsletter: 19 October

Headmaster walking with pupils

Welcome to the Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter!

I must start our weekly update by offering our very best wishes and appreciation to Mrs Mitchell-Hall as she leaves Quinton House School after three successful years as a Mathematics and Statistics Teacher in the Senior School and to announce that Mr Adam Sirett will be joining the staff as a permanent full-time replacement after half-term.

One of the great advantages in being part of the Cognita Schools Group is the ability to both share outstanding practice and to develop a truly global dimension to student learning. In Barcelona last week, I was able to develop links with schools in Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and Wales that will see our Junior School children exchanging Christmas Cards and explaining the traditions and customs of the festive season in their respective country as they take part in the ‘Around the World at Christmas’ Project organised by Quinton House School.

Some of our Year 11 students will be trekking in Tanzania as part of the Cognita Global Challenge this summer and our Exceptional Potential students in Year 8 will be working collaboratively with a Cognita school in Spain. We are also delighted to again be taking part in the Cognita Solar Buddy Challenge bringing light to the lives of children in Papua New Guinea.

One of the features of the conference was the opportunity to hear from Patrick De Maesenerie, the CEO of Jacobs Holdings, new owners of Cognita. The talk was very impressive and the message from Chris Jansen, our own CEO at Cognita, is universally positive, he writes to parents as follows: “Essentially Jacobs have a passionate conviction for education and the benefits of developing young minds. As a result, I am sure you will appreciate why we are so delighted with our new owners and future partners. Jacobs are long-term investors, owning and investing in companies for decades. Jacobs have a track record of building globally respected and renowned organisations as they have done in the chocolate, coffee and recruitment sectors. This is the ambition that they have for Cognita and they want to see us continually improving our quality of education. I would be surprised if you noticed any difference in the ‘day to day’ activities of school life. We are highly optimistic regarding our future and we look forward to continuing to serve the 40,000 children in our care.”

Our membership of the Independent Schools Association is also proving very fruitful as we compete and take part in a variety of academic, sporting and artistic events. This week we received news of four prize winners in the ISA Regional Art Competition and congratulations go to Eleanor Milner, Olivia Gedney, Sophie Young and Leah Hoban.
One of the highlights of this week has been my lunchtime activities with students.

When taking the Head Boy and Head Girl of both the Junior and Senior School out to lunch, it was wonderful to hear them talk so passionately and enthusiastically about their experiences of life at Quinton House School whilst offering some thoughtful advice on how we can improve the education in our school.

It was also a great pleasure to meet with all of the students new to Quinton House this year in the Senior School above Year 7 and these students certainly appear to have adopted the correct attitudes and approaches to their studies and are enjoying school life. The birthday cake with the Headmaster on Friday is always a delight!

I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable half-term holiday and I look forward to meeting with all members of the Quinton House community at the Fireworks Night on Monday 5th November. Please note that pupils are to return to school after half term in Winter Uniform.

Tim Hoyle


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