We welcomed Year 5 to the Senior School for a morning all about STEM: bringing engineering & mathematics to life with practical, hands-on activities by Mr Adam Sirett from Espire.
The workshop was all geared towards ‘wheels & tyres’; from looking at the characteristics of slick v’s wet, the composition of what materials make up a tyre (even down to the painted logo) & the contact patch aka tread patterns. Would they know their tractor from their snow mobile?
Mr Sirett brought the learning to life for year 5. Why just learn the equation for calculating the area of a rectangle, when you can first make a print of the tyre tread & then use this as your shape to work from?
Why just read about PSI when you can use a pressure gun to deflate & inflate a tyre right in front of you?
Year 5 did an absolutely brilliant job completing all of the tasks (some which Mr Sirett ordinarily saves for Year 7!) & working brilliantly as a team of drivers, engineers & mechanics.
Thank you also to the students who came to join us for the session & we hope to see you all again very soon. It was a pleasure to share the morning with you.
A big thank you of course to Mr. Sirett, for always bringing such engaging, fun & informative lessons in such an accessible way.