ISA Young Musician Award – Congratulations Mattaeus

Mattaues Playing Piano

Mattaeus in Year 11 recently represented Quinton House at the ISA Young Musician’s Award 2020.

He was chosen from 150 competition entries, and this year’s thrilling final was held at Warwick Arts Centre.

Mattaeus has only been playing piano for two and a half years, so to reach a stage where he is representing Quinton House school at a national level is truly aspirational. Mattaeus plays guitar and sings but despite not having an interest in piano before trying it he has said that he was inspired to try the instrument following one of his music lessons.

He initially heard about the ISA Young Musician’s Award from Mr. White and became interested, so they recorded an audition reel of Mattaeus playing Mozart’s Sonata IX. Just a few weeks later he was shortlisted for the top 10 and eventually the final itself.

“I didn’t really feel nervous performing, really I just felt excited” he says. “I am really proud of what I’ve achieved, and it was helpful having such support from my teacher throughout the whole experience.”

Mr. White said “It was a fantastic achievement for Mattaeus to reach the final of the competition in its inaugural year. He worked incredibly hard to prepare and was so cool and calm about the performance. Everyone at Quinton House is extremely proud of Mattaeus and can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Congratulations to Mattaeus for his hard work, and thanks to Mr. White for his support.

You can watch Mattaeus’ audition video here.

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