New Head of Year 12, Matthew Plummer.

Matthew Plummer

We would like to congratulate Matthew Plummer on his recent appointment to Head of Year 12 here at Quinton House. Below you can find out a little more about Mr.Plummer’s time here at Quinton House and his plans for his new role.

How long have you been at Quinton & what do you teach?

I joined Quinton House in 2012 – though I took a year out to go travelling around Central Asia. I currently teach Geography and Psychology.

What made you want to work at Quinton?

I actually didn’t know what I wanted from my career when I left University, but was offered a trial as a learning support assistant at Quinton House as I knew staff who worked there. As soon as I came into the Quinton environment I knew that it was special and that I was somewhere where people are really making a difference to the education and growth of young people. I was soon offered teacher training and went on to become a fully qualified teacher at Quinton.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Quinton?

Quinton House really embraces individualism; not only in our students but in the staff. When I am teaching I am allowed to put a lot of my personality into my teaching style, which means that I can really get across the passion that I have for my subjects.

This level of trust is important to me, as it shows that Quinton House are about the individual at every level. I wouldn’t want to work in a school where I wasn’t allowed to embrace who I am as a teacher.

The students react well to my lessons and it helps to build a lasting relationship with them, which is core to teaching them properly.

What made you want to take over as Head of Year 12?

I have been working closely with our current Year 11 students and have built up good teacher-student relationships with them which has made my job all the more enjoyable, so I am keen to continue working with these students to further their own development.

Creating and developing mature conversations with students is core, as it helps them to grow personally and prepare them for their future careers.

Also it’s a really exciting time for us here at Quinton House as we reinvent our Sixth Form. I am really looking forward to working with the new Head of Sixth Form, Chris George, and Principal Jo Storey in making it the very best that it can be.

What are your plans for your new role?

I want to encourage Year 12’s into becoming true role models for other Quinton House students, as well as the wider community. I want the rest of our school to look at the Sixth Form and aspire to that.

I believe that it’s important for everybody to take responsibility for the environment that they are in. To me, at Quinton, that means not only being responsible for the physical areas that we’re in but also the wellbeing of those who share the spaces with us – all of these need to be maintained so that we can all grow together.

What message would you like to give to students going into Year 12?

Embrace change! I want them to shape the Sixth Form as much as our teaching staff do – the students are core to not only their own development but also to how Quinton House develops.

They should push themselves both in and out of school, and not be afraid to put themselves outside of their comfort zone while learning. It is important that students grow as independent people – and I will do all I can to nurture this mindset in a caring and supporting environment.

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