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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Pastoral Care

Just like our teaching and learning, our commitment to pastoral care is as strong as ever at this difficult time

Pastoral Care

Just like our teaching and learning, our commitment to pastoral care is as strong as ever at this difficult time

It is important that students and parents know that we are here to support you during our Online Teaching and Learning Programme. If you have any pastoral or wellbeing concerns, please contact the staff on the following pages.

All contact details can be found on the Additional Support page.

Your child’s form tutor or class teacher should be your first point of contact with the school.

They record student attendance and complete the daily wellbeing check and the form tutor will also have an academic and behavioural overview of your child.

Your child’s Head of Year will have the most detailed academic profile of your child and they will be on hand to resolve any learning, behavioural or emotional issues.

They will be contactable throughout the school day and will be proactive in informing you of any issues.

Rewards System

House points will continue to be awarded to students throughout their online learning. The house point totals will be monitored by form tutors and Heads of Year; rewards for those students reaching the set milestones will be sent by post.

House System

The houses will continue to compete for the House Cup through the collection of house points as well as students accessing the house competitions provided by their form tutors. Updates will be shared with the students from the Housemaster, Mr Macmillan.

Charity Work

As a school we will still be taking the opportunity where possible to raise money for the NHS and our local charities.

School Counsellor

If at any point you students need to speak to someone at school then the form tutor remains first point of contact. In addition, we can also signpost children to the most appropriate organisation to further assist them.


Pastoral Contacts

Vice Principal Pastoral & DSL
Mr Thomas Muskin
  • Responsible for the safeguarding of all students and teachers
  • Overall picture of all students wellbeing
  • Management of wellbeing interventions
  • Management of the pastoral team
  • The monitoring of the online system and its appropriate use
  • Detailed knowledge of the schools online operations
  • Counselling overview

Mrs Philippa Bates

  • If you require specialised intervention for your child’s learning
  • You are worried about their progress due to a pre-diagnosed learning need
  • You would like to discuss the learning style or progress your child is currently making
  • If you are looking for methods of supporting your child’s learning

Head of Pastoral Care
Mrs Lucinda Pates

  • A vast knowledge of working with external organisations that can support your child during difficult times
  • Will assist with matters associated with mental health and counselling

Mrs Jo Storey

  • Leads Quinton House Executive Leadership Team in ensuring continuity of learning
  • Communicates school messages to employees, families, students and the broader community
  • Maintains regular communication with external organisations including health authorities, government, Ofqual, the Independent Schools Council and the examination boards
  • Collaborates in the development and leads the planning and implementation of the online Learning platform
  • Provides ongoing support for all staff, students and families during online learning

Head of Preparatory Division
Mrs Julia Saghri

  • Understanding of the operational aspects of the preparatory school day
  • Responsible for the tracking and management of pupil progress
  • Responsible for the management of teaching staff, ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • A full overview of the wellbeing of the students
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