Staff List

Quinton House School – Staff List Academic Year 2016/17

Senior Leadership Team

Catherine Cozens Headteacher

Catherine Cozens

Shaun Pape First Deputy Headteacher

Shaun Pape

Tanya Goody Deputy Headteacher

Tanya Goody

Matt Capuano Head of Juniors

Matt Capuano

Tom Muskin Assistant Head-Teaching & Learning, Director of Sport

Tom Muskin

Eleanor Mesquita Head of Marketing

Eleanor Mesquita

Sandra Buttigieg Senior Business and Operations Manager

Sandra Buttigieg

Danuta Tomasz
Assistant Director of Education

For a complete list of teaching and non-teaching staff, please see below.


Name (surname, first name) Title Job Title
Adkins, Tracy Mrs Learning Support Assistant
Archer, Louise Miss Head of Science (maternity leave)
Banyard, Elizabeth Mrs Lead Nursery Practitioner
Bates, Pip Mrs SENCo, Teacher of Humanities

(currently on maternity leave)

Begent, Georgina Mrs Teacher of English
Billington, Claire Miss Head of EYFS, Reception teacher
Blott, Danielle Miss Teaching Assistant
Brough, Alex Mr Teacher of Science, Form Tutor
Brown, Norman Mr Assistant Caretaker, Minibus Driver
Brown, Tracy Mrs Junior School Administration Manager/Receptionist
Buttigieg, Sandra Mrs Senior Business & Operations Manager
Capel, Debbie Mrs Teaching Assistant, After School


Capuano, Matt Mr Head of Juniors
Chapman, Paul Mr Head of Business Studies/Careers Co-ordinator
Clarke, Wayne Mr Teacher of Boys’ PE, Form Tutor
Coates, Simon Mr Teacher of Science
Cozens, Catherine Ms Headteacher
Crouzieres-Jones, Julie-Anne Mrs Teacher of Maths/Food Technology
Dale, Brian Mr Minibus Driver
Dale, Natalie Miss Teaching Assistant
Davies, Patricia Mrs Admissions Manager
Duckett, Angie Mrs Head’s PA/Senior School Administration Manager
Duncan, Penny Mrs Nursery Practitioner
Gardner, Louisa Miss Nursery Practitioner
Goody, Tanya Mrs Deputy Headteacher
Harris, Amanda Miss Teacher of French/EAL
Herbert, Melanie Mrs Junior School Teacher
Higgerson, Mark Mr Transport Manager
Howard, Danielle Miss Junior School Teacher
Hyde, Kate Mrs Head of Maths, Data & Assessment
Jani, Mandy Mrs After School Supervisor
Jay, Colin Mr Minibus Driver
Jeffery, Jessica Mrs Head of Food Technology, Form Tutor
Kelly, Sue Mrs Junior School Teacher (maternity cover)
Knox, Rupert Mr Head of French, Co-Head of 6th Form
Linyard, Allison Mrs Teaching Assistant
Macken, Suzanne Miss Teacher of Girls’ PE, Extra Curricular Co-ordinator, Form Tutor
Mckenzie, Aisling Miss SEN Administrator
Macmillan, Andrew Mr Teacher of French and German, Form Tutor, Housemaster
Marshall, Leona Mrs Head of Geography, Form Tutor
Masnica, Dominik Mr Teacher of Maths, Form Tutor, Assistant Head of Years 9 – 11
Matthews, Mark Mr Assistant Caretaker
Mesquita, Eleanor Mrs Head of Marketing
Miller-Chalk, Katie Miss Junior School Teacher
Mitchell-Hall, Sharon Ms Teacher of Maths, Form Tutor
Moss, Clare Mrs Teacher of English, Form Tutor
Moulson, Roger Mr Minibus Driver
Murrell, Clare Mrs Junior School Teacher
Muskin, Tom Mr Assistant Head – Teaching & Learning, Director of Sport, Head of Years 9-11
Nunn, Burcu Mrs Teacher of Science (maternity cover)
Pape, Shaun Mr First Deputy Head, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Parker, Elizabeth Miss Deputy Lead Nursery Practitioner
Pates, Lucinda Mrs Head of Pastoral Care
Pearson, Asa Mrs Junior School Teacher
Pearson, Georgina Miss Head of English and Performing Arts
Pendry, Mike Mr Head of History, Form Tutor
Phillips, Louise Mrs Junior School Teacher
Plant, Neil Mr ICT Technician
Plummer, Matthew Mr Teacher of Humanities, Form Tutor, Head of House
Power, Charley Miss Teacher of Girls’ PE, Form Tutor, Head of House
Reeves, Pamela Miss Teaching Assistant
Rihal, Gurdeep Mrs PA to Head of Juniors, School Administrator
Roe, David Mr Teacher of Humanities, Form Tutor
Rowntree, Carol Mrs Student Service Officer, Receptionist
Russell, Emma Mrs Deputy Head of English
Saghri, Julia Mrs Deputy Head of Juniors, Junior School Teacher
Sandell, Kay Mrs Learning Support Teacher
Sarjeant, Lisa Mrs Learning Support Assistant/After School Supervisor
Sarjeant, Lucy Miss Teaching Assistant, After School Supervisor, Juniors
Shardlow, Karen Mrs Teacher of English, Form Tutor
Sheffield, Claire Mrs Teacher of English(currently on maternity leave)
Sparrow, Nicki Mrs School Business Manager
Stone, Joanna Miss Head of Music
Suma, Penny Mrs Junior School Teacher
Swallow, Mairead Mrs Nursery Practitioner, Teaching Assistant
Taylor, Roger Mr Head of ICT
Tipler, Samantha Mrs PE Administrator
Underwood, Abigail Mrs Junior School Teacher
Van Hoof, Richard Mr Minibus Driver
Weir, Helen Ms Head of German, Co-Head of 6th form
Whitby, Oliver Mr Teacher of Science, Work Experience Co-ordinator
Whitby, Rebecca Mrs Head of Art, Form Tutor
White, Matthew Mr Teacher of Music
Woods, Jenny Mrs Junior School Teacher (maternity leave)
Worby, Martin Mr Teacher of Art/Design & Technology, Form Tutor
Wylie, Donna Mrs Nursery Practitioner
Name (surname, first name) Title Job Title
Brothers, Julie Mrs Catering Assistant
Ward, Richard Mr Catering Manager
Goodridge, Jackie Mrs Catering Assistant
Ha, Lisa Mrs Catering Assistant
Sokolowski, Konrad Mr Chef
Spokes, Cathy Mrs Catering Assistant
Walker, Michelle Mrs Catering Assistant
Williams, Elaine Mrs Catering Assistant
Wing, Neil Mr Chef

All teaching and administrative staff may be contacted by email address.

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