Q4 Pupils Perform Exciting Science Experiments

QHS pupils in cooking lesson

Q4DH have been very busy learning about solids, liquids and gases. To begin with, the children had to find out how the particles are formed depending on which state of matter they belonged to. They investigated whether a solid can be a liquid at the same time by conducting a Non-Newtonian experiment.

Miss Howard says, “We had to mix lots of cornflour with water until it became a slime. When we touched the slime we expected it to splash everywhere, however the liquid gloop turned into a solid! We found out that this is because the particles act differently depending on how much force you apply to them. When we rested our fingers on the mixture they sank down, when we tilted the mixture it ran, but when we hit the mixture it was hard!”

The children also tested to see if their bodies are a good measure of temperature. They particularly enjoyed the experiment to see how long it would take for a chocolate button to melt on their tongue! And the results are in, if you don’t chew the yummy chocolate, it takes roughly 1.5 minutes for the particles to vibrate enough so that they melt.

Q4DH have lots more experiments to come and Miss Howard cannot wait to test another hypothesis!

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