Quinton House School joins global effort for young people’s wellbeing

Students at Quinton House School will join over 45,000 children and young people around the world on 27 September to draw attention to the vital role of mental wellbeing in education.   The school will collapse the curriculum for the entire day to mark Global Be Well Day, a worldwide event led by Cognita, the group of 73 schools of which the school is a member.

The mental health and wellbeing of young people is now one of the most pressing issues of our times.  As governments around the world grapple with how to address it, Quinton House School will hold a day of activities designed to expand students’ understanding of wellbeing.

Students will take part in a carousel of activities including the importance of sleep, the impact of social media and screen time and a session entitled ‘good to talk’ which will focus on the positive use of conversation to improve wellbeing.  As well as the carousel of sessions there will be extended breaks and a whole school BBQ lunch.

Principal of Quinton House School, Mrs Jo Storey said: “By effectively closing the school for the day to focus solely on wellbeing we are highlighting the vital role it has in academic success. The work we’re highlighting on 27th September informs and supports everything our students do throughout the year. We’re delighted to be joining together with schools all over the world to mark Global Be Well Day 2019.”

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