Frequently asked questions

We’ve added some answers to some common questions that you may have during the current situation.  Please take a look here for advice, or contact Principal Jo Storey on if you have any other questions.

How will classes be taught?

Teachers will continue to set work for all students which will be in line with their normal timetable. During the remote online teaching period, staff will interact with their students via video streaming so that students feel connected with each other during this time and can share ideas, questions and thoughts in the same way as if they were in their classroom.

We will primarily be using Microsoft Teams, but individual teachers may use alternative software to ensure the optimal teaching environment for your child.

Will there be registration?

Registration will be completed in teams from 8:40am to the start of lesson 1.

All tutors will have their form group set up in teams

All members of the form must check in


Who do I speak to if I have a question?

In the first instance your should speak with your child’s teacher, they will be the first point of contact for your teaching and learning discussions.

On the first page of this document you will find contact details for our key personnel during this time. You can speak to them if you feel that you need to.

What times can I contact teachers?

Our teaching staff will be available to contact between the hours of 9:00 and 16:00.

The heads of year and form tutors will be available from 8:40. During this time we are hoping to discuss any issues for the day and check in with the students.

Parents need to make sure the children are up and at a screen by this time.

It is important that our staff, as well as yourselves maintain their wellbeing during this time so we ask all parents to respect these times. If you have a concern outside of these hours, or an emergency then please contact Prinicpal Jo Storey or a member of our SLT team.

Will teachers always be available at these times?

While we will all endeavour to be available during these times, in the current situation It is entirely likely and reasonable that for personal reasons our staff may be unable to respond to parent or student contact at certain times. In the instance that they are aware of times that they will be unavailable then they will communicate this to parents and students in good time to manage your expectations.

Are the safeguarding rules different in this time?

No. Our teachers will adhere to normal safeguarding rules and we expect parents and students to do the same also. If you have a safeguarding concern please contact Tom Muskin in the first instance, or Jo Storey.

When will school be open again?

At this time we are not sure when the school will be open again, but we will remain in constant contact with you to update when we know. You can also visit our dedicated update page which will have up to date information from the school and from Cognita as a group.

How does this affect exams?

As you may be aware, the Education Secretary has confirmed that there will be no public examinations held this year. We appreciate the enormity of this announcement and will communicate further with affected parents and students on this shortly as more exact information becomes available.

I have a question about fees.

Please contact Principal Jo Storey ( or Business Manager Paul Lindsay ( for any questions regarding fees.

01604 752050