School Life

Life at Quinton House is rich and vibrant. A strong sense of community is an integral component of our culture. We encourage all to get involved.

Life for pupils at Quinton House School is all about them. Our goal is to create the perfect environment in which your children can learn, grow and achieve their full potential. By actively encouraging our pupils to engage with extra-curricular activities, clubs and the school community we can help them grow as people and discover talents to strengthen for future life.

Our inclusive environment, paired with the facilities here at Quinton means that we’re the perfect place for children to express themselves and become the best they can be.

School play at Quinton House School, Northamptonshire

Extra Curricular

From Nursey through to Sixth Form, pupils have access to an impressive range of extra-curricular activities to enrich learning and broaden horizons.

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Hockey team at Quinton House School, Upton


Quinton House promotes a strong sporting culture throughout the school and actively celebrates pupil achievements across a range of sports.

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Music & Drama

From peripatetic lessons to extra-curricular clubs which cater for diverse music tastes, we offer many opportunities to develop musical talents.

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We offer various bus routes in Northampton, surrounding villages and beyond. Buses are available after hours to enable pupils to participate in clubs.

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School Grounds

Our mature grounds and historic site provide the most inspiring learning environment, equipped with modern facilities to support pupils’ progress.

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School Trips

School trips are offered across the whole school, providing pupils with new experiences to support learning outside the classroom.

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Quinton House supports a range of initiatives, with pupils making positive contributions to local, national and international communities.

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Holiday Club

Super Camps provides an exciting programme in the school holidays for 3-14 year olds. Nursery children also have access to a school-run holiday club.

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