You can find out more information about our school nutrition through our Chartwells catering page here.

At Quinton House School we recognise the importance of food and nutrition on children’s physical, mental and social development. Great tasting, healthy food is provided by Chartwells, the leading provider of catering and support services to education sector in the UK. Our Head of Catering, goes to great lengths to create nutritionally balanced meals with a wide choice of dishes, including a hot vegetarian option, homemade soups, a salad bar, homemade breads and jacket potatoes. He also creates opportunities for children to explore a wide range of cuisines with a daily tasting table which encourages children to try food they might otherwise not encounter. A special menu is often devised for specific themes and events such as Chinese New Year and BBQs in the Summer. Children who are taking advantage of the extended school day can also have breakfast and tea at school as well as a lunchtime meal. All recipes have been specially developed with controlled amounts of fat, salt and sugar to ensure that each child has the correct balance to be healthy, alert and able to cope with a demanding day at school.

School meals are compulsory throughout the Junior School, up to and including year 10.

Download the latest nutritionally-verified school menus below.

Junior School Menu Jan-Feb 2018

View here

Senior School Menu Jan-Feb 2018

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