The Benefits of an All-Through School

Children on crossing photo

Business Times magazine has published our article on the benefits of an all-though school.

A group of people living together with shared values is a common definition of a ‘community’. This is no more so true than in a school, and particularly in an all-through school. In our experience the school community thrives when pupils, from toddlers in Nursery through to young adults in sixth form, are united on one site under one set of common values.

Shared facilities and resources means that pupils have many opportunities for integration and a single-site campus provides them with continuity and stability. This makes the transition from Nursery to Juniors and Juniors to Seniors, often periods of uncertainty and anxiety, seamless with pupils approaching their transition with confidence and positivity. Shared resources refers also to teaching staff. Specialist teachers are able to develop specific subject-related skills from a very young age. Sports are a very good example of this, with Nursery children learning to throw foam javelins and run the relay right from the very beginning of their educational journey.

Younger members of all-though schools also have real and credible role models to inspire them in their very own school community with particularly gifted pupils having the opportunity to stretch their talents by joining in with older groups and activities.

Parents too reap the benefits of all-through schools. It’s not just children who are known individually by name, parents too feel they are part of a special community.

These benefits and more are evident at Quinton House School every day. Parents and pupils often talk about the family feel of the school and the amazing pastoral care our staff offer. Our community is one of shared values and newcomers remark on how welcoming all members of the school community are. We see older pupils learning responsibility and teamwork skills by working with their younger peers. Our current Head Boy, Ben Jordan, has been at the School since Nursery. Ben says ‘This school is a family. Whether it’s sixth formers helping out year 7s with their maths or older pupils acting as sports ambassadors helping coach in the Junior School, we look out for each other.’

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