Welcome to Chris George – Director of Sixth Form

We're proud to be welcoming a brand new Director of Sixth Form who will be leading Quinton House students and staff to success.

Chris has an extensive 27 years experience in education, starting as a Chemistry teacher at Cranbrook School in 1993 before moving onto a similar role at The Royal Grammar School. He moved to the Royal Latin School in 1999, where he had numerous roles in his 17 years there culminating as an Assistant Head. In 2016 he moved to his last school as Head of Science and Head of Sixth Form and has now joined us here at Quinton House. 

What made you choose a career in education?

I have always had a passion about talking to people about Chemistry, the subject I love. I have always enjoyed working with young people and seeing them fulfil their potential so teaching seemed to be the career that combined the two.

What are your aims for the Sixth Form?

I want our Sixth Form to be a place where young people can fulfil their potential, whatever it is. 

I want it to be a place where students feel valued for who they are, a place where they feel safe, a place where they have the space to grow, a place where they receive excellent teaching and support, but equally as important a place where they can have a lot of fun and be happy

What is your life outside of work like?

I watch a lot of sport. I enjoy walks in the countryside. I play an active role in my local church, both preaching and leading worship and I’m an avid Disney fan, so am often arranging the next holiday there! I am also a keen puppeteer and would-be actor.

What would your message to prospective students be?

Get the balance between work, rest and play right and success will follow. 

Work hard: five extra hours a week of work outside of Sixth Form is important.

Rest well: get at least eight hours of sleep a night and relax when you can.

Play well: find a hobby or pastime that helps you to relieve stress and make sure to do it regularly.


I look forward to students joining us at Quinton House.


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