Academic Excellence

At Quinton we aim to provide students with a long-lasting love of learning.

We offer academic challenge and rigour to all our students within a supportive and caring community. Our curricular and co-curricular opportunities ensure that students are encouraged to think beyond the normal demands of subject material.

How we teach

We place great emphasis on practical learning and problem solving, encouraging students to be inquisitive, exploring topics to gain greater understanding and to think for themselves.


Bringing Lessons To Life

Topics are brought to life through inspirational teaching and extensive co-curricular programmes, such as our Robotics club.


Our Amazing Teaching Team

The considered use of technology and specialist teachers in many areas support the stimulating and varied curriculum.


Keeping Students On Track

Staff are passionate about developing students' academic progress alongside their well-being, and are committed to carefully monitoring the student's journey as they progress through the school.


Academic Challenge

We believe that students need to be stretched to realise their full potential. We want them to think and learn independently, to be curious and go beyond the classroom learning.


Meet Dr Phyllis Fiadzomor - Deputy Head (Academic)

"All the staff here are focused on enabling students to develop their intellectual curiosity & therefore a lifelong love of learning."

Dr Phyllis Fiadzomor - Deputy Head (Academic)

3 min watch


We have a flexible approach to learning that can be adapted to the needs of all pupils.

We understand and appreciate that children develop at different speeds and that’s why our Admissions process does not require students to pass any assessments.

Instead, we focus on the development of the individual which we measure, monitor and evaluate on a regular basis. The ethos here at Quinton House is to focus on understanding our students, their interests, and their needs to make sure that they have the support and encouragement required to help them shine.

``The style of teaching is aligned to my children’s individual learning abilities, the duty of care on the part of the school is unwavering.``

 – Quinton House parent


We see the curriculum as the total learning experience for our students.

The curriculum includes not only the taught lessons but also the routines, behaviours, events, activities, and other opportunities that our students experience on a daily basis.

Our approach helps to ensure that students make the best possible progress academically and contributes to their overall development for future success in the wider world.


Results that speak for themselves

From Year 1 a child's progress and attainment are assessed and reported in detail, using National Curriculum Levels in core subjects.

The high quality of teaching and our excellent learning support team ensure that the vast majority of children achieve above national expectations and make better than expected progress.

The latest Year 11 cohort have shown an abundance of determination and resilience having navigated two lockdowns.

Despite the difficult hand they had been dealt, Quinton House students went on to achieve some fantastic GCSE results. We are extremely proud of all they achieved.

GCSE results 2021
52% - Grade 7 or above

(All subjects, equivalent to previous Grade A)

85% - Grade 5 or above

(In 5 or more GCSEs, equivalent to Grade B / C)

97% - Grade 4 or above

(In English & Maths, equivalent to Grade C)

Quinton House School