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Creative & Performing Arts

Art, Music, Drama and Photography are essential parts of life at Quinton House.

Championed as part of the core curriculum and supported through co-curricular activities and clubs, we are proud advocates of the immense benefits of the creative arts. All 4 subjects are offered at GCSE and, depending on demand, at A-level.

Within the school day, students can participate in art, theatre and drama clubs, drama lessons, school music groups (including singing groups and choirs) and enjoy peripatetic music lessons.

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Art lessons are taught within our dedicated art studio.



Music is an integral part of our well-rounded education.

Whether interpreting, composing or performing music, we value the way in which music educates and inspires children. It is essential to their cognitive development and it offers a creative outlet that is so valuable in a busy school day.

The lessons we offer:
  • Brass

  • Guitar

  • Percussion

  • Piano

  • Singing

  • Strings

  • Woodwind


Drama lessons are part of our core curriculum

Drama is an important strand of Quinton House School’s cultural heritage, designed to promote student confidence, creativity and imagination. Drama enables students to develop a wide variety of essential life skills, including co-operation, collaboration, and communication.

Our drama studio is well equipped and used for small-scale productions and showcase evenings. Our larger productions take place in the sports hall.

We work with the children to create imaginative productions, recent whole school performances include ‘Sister Act’ and ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and our Preparatory School showcase performance of ‘Pantastic’.


Students develop strong technical skills and understanding.

They follow a series of short introductory skill-building projects around a broad range of concepts from portraiture to abstraction and narrative. A significant amount of time is devoted to developing skills of critical analysis in evaluating their own work and that of other photographers.

Students utilise their learning and experiences from the introductory tasks to craft their own chosen theme for their coursework investigation.

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