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Educational Technology

Prepared for the future

Technology has become a fundamental part of our education, not only allowing us to deliver great teaching and learning but as a platform for collaboration and productivity.

We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact it can have, putting students at the heart of their learning by increasing engagement, developing intrinsic interpersonal skills and preparing them for the future of adult life.

The next step in digital learning

We have taken the next step in our digital learning journey by providing students in Year 3 and above with a 1-to-1 device, either a laptop or an iPad. We believe that 1-to-1 devices are powerful tools that augment and transform the learning experience to help them grow and thrive in a fast changing world.

Greater ownership of learning

In a 1-to-1 environment, the learning shifts from the traditional instructor-led model to become more student-centred.

Greater collaboration

Students can benefit greatly from 1-to-1 in the development of their collaboration skills.

Personalised learning and differentiated instruction

1-to-1 technology makes it possible for students to receive differentiated content and assignments, using a variety of methods and tools.

Improved assessment and digital feedback

Students can receive feedback in a myriad of new ways.

A guide to your child's digital device

The guide features further information on the devices, their benefits and the safety protocols and software we have put in place.

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