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Welcome to Quinton House School

We offer a 21st century independent school education in a unique and historic 12th century setting.

Our inclusive environment gives an open opportunity for all children to benefit from the qualities and privileges of a unique independent education, where all students can be authentic, feel valued and achieve personal success.

We pride ourselves on being the home of excellence for all our students, helping them to discover and live up to their full potential.

We know that children thrive when they feel happy and supported, that's why we provide a safe nurturing environment that is warm and welcoming for all of our students.

The home


This is a supportive, caring environment where every student feels a sense of belonging. Students feel valued as an individual and are encouraged to succeed as a member of a diverse and committed team.

The home


The ethos here at Quinton House is to focus on understanding our students, their interests, and their needs to make sure that they have the support and encouragement required to help them shine.

The home


Success differs from child to child, which is why we give each student the opportunity to develop their own talents and potential within a safe learning environment.

Meet our Headmaster, Mr. Thomas Muskin

Mr. Muskin has been a part of the Quinton House team for over 10 years, he has a passion for sports and was Vice Principal prior to taking on the role of Headmaster in 2021.

"At Quinton we have a strong ethos based around family values. This community and family feel allows our children to progress rapidly and be academically successful."

- Thomas Muskin, Headmaster

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Stunning Grade 1 listed Manor House buildings

Our students learn and discover in an ideal setting, set within 31 acres of grounds, perfectly placed for access from all major routes.

A contemporary teaching and sports centre and Sixth Form Village complement the stunning Grade 1 listed buildings. Located on the western edge of Northampton, just five minutes from M1 J15a.

The impact the school has had has been clear; a leap in confidence, a regained enthusiasm for learning, in an environment that embraces this.

 – Voice of the Parent Survey 2023

Begin an unforgettable adventure.

Children who join Quinton House develop their confidence and gain a genuine love for learning, putting them on the path to success.

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Quinton House School

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