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Preparatory School Curriculum

Impressively high teaching standards.

With a proud history of consistently delivering above-average academic results (including exceptional 11+ results), Quinton House School has an impressive reputation for being the leading prep school in the Northamptonshire area.

Our dedicated team of staff creates a wealth of opportunities for pupils to excel. Our pupils embrace challenges both in and out of the classroom and, as a result, they excel in so many areas.

preparatory curriculum

The considered use of technology and specialist teachers in many areas support a stimulating and varied curriculum.

This specialism, combined with the best mix of traditional and innovative teaching methods, underpins an approach which drives accelerated progress.

We place great emphasis on practical learning and problem solving, encouraging students to be inquisitive, exploring topics to gain greater understanding and to think for themselves. Topics are brought to life through inspirational teaching and extensive co-curricular programmes. Whether it is a themed day, a visit or a workshop, physical experiences, and immersive learning help to fire the imagination and add an extra dimension to classroom-based learning.

Our small class sizes enable us to work with students as individuals, following their interests and their well-being. We see the breadth and depth of student achievements not only in academic results, but through the multitude of other interests which they pursue.

‘‘I am proud of my highly skilled, creative and committed staff team. Without exception they are focused on building strong relationships with every member of their class which enables them to ensure that every single child has the opportunity to access the curriculum in a way that works for him or her.’’

 – Head of Preparatory Division, Mrs Julia Saghri

attainment tracking

We welcome children of all abilities into our inclusive school.

Thanks to our impressively high teaching standards we see our students excel across all core subjects, plus sports and creative and performing arts.

Our success is boosted by a robust process for tracking student attainment (ensuring we have a detailed record of every child’s progress), plus simple measures such as maintaining an open dialogue with parents so that we can address any areas where children need more support.

For students who are excelling in specific subjects, we are ready to challenge them and provide the support they need to take the next steps in their endeavours.


Our students are well prepared for the next step to Senior School.

In Years 5 and 6, specialist staff teach the children in their English, Maths, and foreign language lessons, meaning that our students are well prepared to take the 11+ examinations if they choose to do so. These teachers are members of our high-achieving Senior School, so they play an integral role in preparing the children for the transition process into Year 7.

This also enables them to build a rapport with the children in anticipation of their arrival at the Senior School, this is a fantastic way to ensure continuity of academic excellence across the year groups.

Quinton House School

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