School Fees

School Fees

Fees Per Term Autumn 2021 - Summer Term 2022


Pre-Prep and Preparatory School

Senior School

Full Time (10 sessions) - £3,100Reception - £3,267Years 7-9 - £4,400
5 sessions - £1,833Years 1-2 - £3,555Years 10-11 - £4,555
Years 3-6 - £3,835Years 12-13 £4,555
Additional charges
Lunch - £150Lunch up to Year 2 - £215
Lunch Yrs 7-11 £270
Morning Snack - no chargeLunch Year 3-6 - £240
(Irrespective of number of sessions)Morning Snack up to Year 2 - no charge
Preparatory School Teas - £68.50 (available for children whose parents are unable to collect between 3.35 and 4.00, due to work commitments)

Breakfast is optional and available as required. Preparatory School and Senior School parents are invoiced accordingly at the end of each half term.

School Transport:

Northampton Routes: £450 return (single journey £280)

Milton Keynes Routes: £450 return (single journey £280)

Daventry/Rugby Routes: £470 return (single journey £290)

Other Costs:

Fees for public examinations (ESB, GCSE): these are charged separately.

Specialist additional tuition:  these are charged separately.

Sibling Discount:

A fee reduction is available for brothers and sisters who attend the school at the same time. A 5% reduction is available for the second child and 10% for the third child.

Payment of Fees:

  • Termly fees are due in full by direct debit collected on or before the first day of each term.  A mandate must be signed along with the acceptance of place forms, before your child starts at Quinton House.
  • A full term’s notice is required in writing before the withdrawal of a pupil from school, from any specialist tuition, lunches or the coach. In default of such notice, the termly rate will be charged.
  • Any instalment plan agreed to by the school must be adhered to as regards timing, frequency and method of payment as a condition of instalments being accepted.
  • Dishonoured cheques will incur a surcharge of £40 per cheque.
  • Late payment of fees will be liable to a surcharge calculated at 1.5% per month from the first day of term.
  • Fees unpaid by half term or more than two weeks after the reminder has been issued, whichever is the earlier, may result in the pupil(s) place being discontinued unless prior written agreement has been secured for postponement of payment. Fees which continue to remain unpaid will result in appropriate action being undertaken to recover the debt and the costs of recovery.
  • Fees are normally increased in September. The school will endeavour to give one term’s notice of any increase in fees but cannot guarantee to do so.
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