Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.


Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum


Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum

Our programmes of learning blends a mix of online and offline content and experiences, including:

Synchronous online teaching with whole class
This is when a teacher connects online with a class group. This could be for form time or a specific class. Teachers may arrange this for part of a lesson in order to minimise elongated periods of time on the screen.

Synchronous online teaching with a group
This is when a teacher connects online with a smaller group of students. This could be for a specific aspect of academic work, e.g. an English teacher working with 4-5 students. It could also be for a wellbeing check in when a member of staff checks in with a group to discuss how things are going in this new way of working.

Synchronous one-to-one
There may be instances when 1:1 input is required. This could be, for example, for peripatetic music lessons etc. Individual teachers may also wish to connect with students 1:1.

Asynchronous learning tasks
This is when a teacher sets tasks and activities for students to complete. These usually follow some teaching input. These tasks may reinforce previous learning or apply new learning.

Asynchronous teaching
This is when a teacher pre-prepares teaching input, often by a short video and uploads for students to view. This is an effective way of delivering short pieces of teaching content to support learning.

In Nursery, each session will consist of approximately 10 minutes live input followed by independent learning. In addition, Nursery will be providing clubs on the following days. These are asynchronous clubs and will be accessible via the VLE.

Monday – Read Write Inc and Maths
Tuesday – Music
Wednesday – Forest School
Thursday – Storytelling
Thursday – P.E.

In Reception to Year 6, normal lessons will follow the existing timetable and will consist of approximately 10 minutes live input followed by independent learning. Some teachers will keep the meeting open throughout the lesson while others will close the meeting but be accessible through the chat function.

Short breaks should be taken throughout the day with an additional 30 minutes in the morning and at least an hour at lunchtime. Where possible and weather permitting these breaks should be taken outside to give the children the opportunity for fresh air and exercise.

Games, the Arts and Activities will be part of the timetable to provide a balance to the school day.

Completed work can then be submitted to teachers via the VLE, or email for Nursery and QR.

There will be one compulsory pastoral class session held each week through MS Teams. This will be at a fixed time which will be communicated in advance by form tutors.

Assemblies will be uploaded on Mondays on MS Teams. Students are asked to listen to these at a time convenient to them.

In some circumstances, timings and lessons will have altered to those currently published on the VLE due to circumstances created by current home learning.



All students are required to register with their form tutor or class teacher between 8:40am and 9:00 daily. This will be completed on Microsoft Teams to ensure that a wellbeing check is completed.

If your child is unable to register due to illness or other circumstances, then please email the school directly on the addresses to the right.

The school will follow up on all attendance issues and continue to follow the guidance sent by the local authority for reporting children missing in education. It is also vital that students attend all their timetabled lessons and follow the instructions outlined on the VLE.

We will monitor their attendance throughout the school day and report any missed lessons directly to you.

Preparatory School – Head of Preparatory Division
Mrs Julia Saghri

Senior School – Vice Principal Pastoral & DSL
Mr Thomas Muskin


Live Lessons and Catching Up

In some instances staff may wish to record the lesson, this will be where they have shared their screen with the work on so students can review this at a later date.

For safeguarding reasons staff will not have 1 to 1 sessions with students who have missed lessons, they will however absolutely support in any other way they can to make sure students complete all necessary work.

If students miss a significant amount of work for whatever reason they should speak to their tutor or Head of the year.

We will support you through this difficult time so please do not worry.

In the Preparatory school speak to your class teacher or form tutor who will again help manage the workload and focus on what is essential to complete.

Our primary focus is ensuring your welfare in this time and of course that you do not miss out on your education, we can manage this best together and we will always look to support whilst being understanding of your personal circumstances.

Please ensure that your camera is off as you join the session and do not turn it on unless told otherwise.

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