Music & Drama

Music & Drama

School Music Curriculum

Listening and interpreting, composing and performing music are life-long skills. Students at Quinton House are given opportunities to develop interests and abilities that will guide musical pursuits and preferences in their lives. Music educates and inspires: it increases cognitive development and reasoning while offering opportunities for students to express ideas and emotions in creative ways.

Quinton House Performing Arts

There is a vast array of music-based activities in both the Preparatory and Senior schools, with individual and small group peripatetic lessons offered in piano, strings, woodwind, brass voice and percussion instruments. Quinton House has an extensive range of extra-curricular music ensembles to extend musical development and to experience practising and performing as a group. From Prep Quinton Singers to the Senior orchestra, students are encouraged to get involved and enjoy!

School Drama Curriculum

Drama is an important strand of Quinton House School’s cultural heritage, designed to promote student confidence, creativity and imagination. Drama enables students to develop a wide variety of essential life skills, including co-operation, collaboration, and communication.

We believe experiencing drama as a discrete subject from a young age enables our children to grow into thoughtful, confident and articulate individuals. We provide an exciting, well-structured programme of study which encourages students to be bold, imaginative and reflective. Drama lessons are taught through the school as part of the core curriculum and the drama studio is well equipped and used for small-scale productions and showcase evenings. Our larger productions take place in the sports hall.

The extensive range of enrichment opportunities includes speech and drama lessons, as well as the opportunity to take part in the school’s theatre and drama clubs. Recent whole school performances include ‘Sister Act’ and ‘High School Musical’ and our latest Preparatory School showcase performance was ‘Pantastic’.

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