Well done to all of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students who received recognition at our end of term Character Awards assembly.

Character development is a driving part of our ethos here at Quinton and you have all demonstrated this consistently during the autumn term. Congratulations to you all!

Bronze House – Points Awards
Year 7 – Ruby B
Year 8 – David H
Year 9 – Teniola O
Silver House – Point Awards
Year 7 – Penelope B
Year 8 – Myles C
Year 9 – Maisie J
Gold House- Points Awards
Year 7 – Sadie J
Year 8 – Evelyn O
Year 9 – Autumn H
Head of Year Award
(In recognition of demonstrating determination and courage in the pursuit of self improvement across all subject areas).
Olivia E (7), Ollie C (8) and Rosie B (9)
Special Recognition Award
(In recognition of outstanding innovation, leadership, commitment or achievement in or outside of school).
Felicity W (7), Evelyn O (8) and Finley W (9)
Spirit of Quinton Award
(In recognition of upholding and fostering a family atmosphere which promotes the positive wellbeing of both individuals and the whole school).
Milly S (7), Nusayba D (8) and Freya McE (9)
Aristotle Award
(In recognition of the commitment and desire to develop personal character through participation, learning, service and leadership).
Dan M (7), Zachary F (8) and May D (9)
Headmaster’s Award
(In recognition of upholding, sustaining and promoting the values of the school).
Charlie C-E (7), Zachary F (8) and Zakary G (9)