Our Preparatory School children have been making World Book Day their own. Mrs Saghri previously gave them each a plain white t-shirt for them to create a design of their own for their favourite book. You’ll see they took up the challenge in great style & produced some wonderful creations.
For the entire week there has been a number of activities leading up to the big day itself. Parents/ guardians were invited in for a ‘Big Booky Breakfast’ or afternoon tea, where they could sit with their child & read together, whilst enjoying refreshment in the courtyard, alongside our ‘Travelling Books’ book fair.
Year 8 students came & delivered a presentation at the beginning of the week, explaining the importance & benefits of reading as well as sharing some of their own favourites. See below some of the key learns that our younger students took away with them:

“Q1 student: Reading helps your writing and is very good for your brain.””QR student: Books help mental health by giving us good dreams and ideas in our minds and tell us more information about the world.”

“QR student: Reading makes your brain smarter and helps you sleep.”

On the day itself Q2 took part in one of the online WBD sessions.  The author Swapna Haddow read a chapter from her book ‘Dave Pigeon: Bookshop Mayhem’ and then the books illustrator Sheena Dempsey taught them how to draw Dave Pigeon. What a fantastic opportunity!