Our Year 8 & 9 students had the privilege of watching an incredibly powerful play by Voices of the Holocaust that they are now studying this half term.
The students firstly took part in a workshop with Artistic Director Cate Hollis, showcasing the importance of physical performance, support the message being conveyed.
“Kindness: A Legacy of the Holocaust is a ground breaking new verbatim Holocaust play about survivor Susan Pollack OBE commissioned by Voices of the Holocaust.
Susan Pollack OBE is a Hungarian Holocaust survivor whom at the age of 15 was sent to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. After the war she found out that more that 50 of her relatives had been killed and that only her brother had survived.
At 91 she retired from over 30 years of testifying in schools across the UK and has entrusted the theatre company Voices of the Holocaust, to tell her story on her behalf. in this play we tell her story layered with stunning complementary narratives and woven with historically accurate Holocaust history.”
– Voices of the Holocaust.
The incredibly moving & insightful performance by all of the actors will surely ensure that our students will carry Susan’s story with them.