The Apprentice Cereal Challenge

Year 9 Business Studies Enterprise Project.

This term, our Year 9 Business Studies entrepreneurs embarked on their most recent Enterprise project ‘The Apprentice Cereal Challenge’. Students worked individually or in small groups to develop a brand identity for a new cereal, inventing everything from the product name, logo and a marketing campaign. Students produced their work in a PowerPoint and had the fantastic opportunity to pitch their products to three marketing experts from Weetabix, live via Microsoft Teams.

The concept was taken from Lord Alan Sugar’s BBC series, The Apprentice, where business people compete in a series of business challenges, for the chance to secure a job with one of Britain’s most influential business magnate’s, Lord Alan Sugar.

Our young business entrepreneurs took on this challenge whilst working remotely from home and all worked fantastically well.

The scenario:

You are one of Alan Sugar’s potential winners of the Apprentice. The cereal market is worth over £1billion per year. Your challenge is to develop a new style of cereal aimed at one of two markets: children or families.

First Prize Winners

A huge congratulations goes to Jack B and Daniel W, who both took first prizes for their impressive cereal ideas. Both students were highly praised by the Weetabix marketing experts and received a box filled with Weetabix goodies in the post.

Jack developed ‘Sportereals’. A cereal designed to improve your sporting ability in sports such a rugby, football, hockey, tennis and swimming. Jack spotted a gap in the market as no other cereal brand is doing this and chose to market this towards families. Weetabix judges: “We were very impressed with the content of Jack’s PowerPoint and how well he presented his product ideas”. Click here to view Jack’s presentation. 

Daniel created ‘Fantastically Fruitsome’. Their aim is to provide healthy, wholesome breakfast cereals that are nutritionally balanced, giving you sustained energy throughout the day. The cereal is packed full of natural ingredients, including fruit, seeds and crunchy nuts. Daniel put together a very detailed presentation and was extremely thorough in his explanation. Click here to view Daniel’s presentation.

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