Students celebrate GCSE results

Students from Quinton House School are celebrating excellent GCSE results today, with 92.7% of all grades at Grade 4+, against a national average of 67%.   In English Language, 75% of grades were awarded at Grade 5+ compared to 44% nationally, while 76.6% of all Maths results were at Grade 5+ against a national average of 39.7%.

We are delighted that 36.8% of grades awarded were at 7+, the previous A grade equivalent, compared to a national average of 20.6%.  Exceptional performance was also evidenced with 23.3% of grades at 8 or 9, the latter being the equivalent of an A** to show exceptional performance.

We are particularly delighted with the overall number of Grade 6+ (62%) across a range of subjects – all of which are the new reformed, more exacting qualifications which are taken at the end of KS4 with very little or no coursework and relying completely on the performance of the student on the day.  Among the top performing subjects was History where four students achieved a grade 9.

Top performing among the pupils was Lizzie Tedford who achieved six grade 9’s and two grade 8’s, while top performing boy was William Carter who secured two grade 9’s and five grade 8’s.

Quinton House School is proudly non-selective and is fully committed to helping students achieve the very best results possible, wherever his or her strengths may lie.

Tim Hoyle, Headmaster of Quinton House School, said, “It is a pleasure to celebrate with our staff and students who have worked so hard to achieve these results. I offer my best wishes to all of our year 11 students as they progress to the next stage of their education.”

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