Voice of Quinton House Alumni – Robert Peat

Robert Peat Alumnus

Hear from Robert Peat, who was a Quinton House Student from 2000-2015

We’ve recently been catching up with some of our alumni from across the years and discussing with them their time at Quinton House School and how it prepared them for their life beyond. This week was with Robert Peat.

Robert was with Quinton House for his whole school life, he joined us in Nursery in 2000 and stayed here all the way through to Upper Sixth in 2015.  He is currently a trainee lawyer and lives and works in London.

What subjects did you most enjoy?

I really enjoyed most of my subjects, Mathematics, English, Sports, P.E, Science and Drama. Nonetheless, I have to admit that Maths and English were definitely my top two.

The teaching that I received really inspired me and made me love the subjects. The teachers made lessons interesting and engaging and were very encouraging in developing our education and growth.

Although I enjoyed English I didn’t find that I had a natural aptitude for it, however the teaching that I received especially in Years 10 and 11 really inspired me, so much so that I took an A-Level in English Literature. While I didn’t study the subject at University I still maintain a passion for Literature!

My teachers really instilled a love of the subjects in me and showed me fantastic depth of learning within them all.

What skills did Quinton teach you?

Academically, Mathematics gave me such a good grounding in so many things. It has been of use to me throughout life; it doesn’t just teach you numbers, it teaches you processes and ways of thinking, it helps to develop the brain by teaching you how to get to an answer for something. I think that everyone should study Maths!

Alongside my academic skills Quinton House really taught me communication skills. It is a small environment within the school and it helped me to develop those skills – among my peers and the teachers. The co-curricular activities encouraged you to engage with people with different interests and also helped to develop my time-management skills. Essentially: my time at Quinton House taught me how to be a well rounded person beyond my time at school.

What was the most valuable thing about your time at Quinton?

For me it was the combination of the teachers and school staff and the devotion of their time which really made me feel valued.

All of the co-curricular activity in particular was great and it was clear that those who ran it were clearly invested not only in the activity itself but also in my enjoyment and success at it. It was clear that they cared and that is really important.

Mr. Knox [nb: who still teaches at Quinton House) was so passionate about hockey and got me into it too even though I’d never played before. Now I still love it and play regularly – thank you Mr. Knox!

As a child sometimes it’s easy to think of teachers as not real people, but it’s not like that at Quinton because it’s clear that they really care about the students.

What career did you enter into?

After leaving Quinton House, I studied Law at the University of Birmingham. Currently, I’m at the beginning of my training to qualify as a solicitor and I’m working for a legal technology company providing services at Barclays Investment Bank. The basis of the skills (especially Mathematics!) I developed at Quinton House have allowed me to gain a prestigious training contract at a London law firm. This will allow me to fulfil my long term aim to become a corporate solicitor.

What advice would you give Quinton students?

Throw yourself into anything that you can, go outside of your comfort zone! It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at something – if you enjoy it, do it. People are scared of being embarrassed but don’t be. Push yourself to try new things and support others in doing the same.

I’d encourage students to ensure they do plenty of things outside of school. Especially things like volunteering, part-time work and sports because this offers you the ability to further build the skills you are given at Quinton House and what you’ll need when you leave the school.

Finally, make sure that you enjoy your time there, it’s really worth it. Enjoy everything that is being offered to you and you will value it for years to come.

Thank you, Robert.


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